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Add another Shera Dolls Commercial to the list


Early this month, friend and fellow Judith fan, Tracy, found another Shera Dolls Commercial. It is a shorter version of the Spanish dubbed commercial. I haven’t posted it until now because I have been busy with other duties and taking care of my health issues. Today I found the time to take screen caps of this commercial and upload the video of it. There is conflicting information as to the year of this commercial. The people who posted the longer Spanish dubbed version say 1987. The people who posted this shorter version say the year is 1986. I have no idea of the correct year, but I will post what they say until evidence proves otherwise. If there is anyone who knows for sure where these two commercials belong on the timeline, please email me to inform. I’m always interested in being as accurate as possible. 

Oh, Tracy, what would I ever do without you? 😎 

Until next time, friends and fans!