It’s okay to cry. – The Blog of a Hopeless Dreamer

It’s okay to cry.


Life seems to be hitting me all at once at the moment. Time’s running out. I want to scream. What am I doing? I want to change how I spend my time. I miss everybody. I miss my sister. I wish every day I could somehow be involved in her life.

I ask myself over and over again, “Am I a good person?” Am I truly doing my best? I hope so. What could I be doing differently?

I’ve learned in my life it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel angry. That has saved my life, because for the longest time, I thought it wasn’t okay to feel those things.

I am angry.

Not in the way that seeks to hurt anyone or myself. Just in the way one gets when one realizes “life isn’t fair”.

Am I a good person?

Could I be better?

I’m trying.