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Christmas Wishes for Judy Barsi


So, here’s the deal. I have web hosting problems. I pay $300 for 20 GB of space for a wordpress powered site. Here’s the site, by the way:

The Concrete Angel Blog: for Judith Eva Barsi

It’s about this child, seen here:



She happened to be one of the most prolific child actresses the world had ever seen for 1983-1989. For 5 years, she lived, ate, slept and breathed the business of being a cute little youngest sibling or girl. It was her mother’s dream to be an actress herself.

Unfortunately, and ironically, home life was miserable early on so she didn’t get to get away long enough to keep her life. She and her mother died for the inequalities of fame and money.

Her name is Judith Barsi. She left behind many friends in those she knew and met.

More than anything else, she was a girl who loved being ordinary. She loved to swim, play in the sprinkler, talk on the phone with a good friend, and playing house with her baby dolls.

I try, along with a team of dedicated friends, to remember her work and the person she was becoming. Judge that for yourself.

Now, more than ever before, I want to properly honor her life, so I started the Go Fund Me “Christmas for Judy” campaign which will last until approximately December 31, 2015, this New Year’s Eve day.

Again, here is the direct link:

Christmas was her favorite Holiday because she was the Christmas Angel her school play.



Please help me give her memory the best gift I can give it in 2016: a proper web space with large hosting space. Give anything you can possibly spare. The minimum donation starts at $1.00. I will need about $574 in total to pay for one year. My heart thanks you for your consideration. <3 😀


For more information about Judith Barsi, please see the following:


For inquiries on the fund or anything else, please send me an email at:

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Thank you Darrin, Wes, D.C., Nancy, Kari, Molly, Dakota, Domi, Heidi, Annie, Anna, et all…you are the reasons I do this in the first and last place!