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On Passion


I’m lost in thought again. I’ve had a lot to think about. I had a really bad day on Monday; since, I’ve been doing almost nothing but reflection. It’s really not what others think it is.

I had a friend tell me that the Entertainment Industry  is about selling “snake oil”. I suppose that, by and large, it is. Look at how quality has deteriorated over the years with all the Reality TV and gossip shows. But… he was talking about his show he’s trying to put together. And this IS HIS PASSION! This is what he loves doing and fighting for. He’s good at it.


So, what if it’s not just about selling? What if it’s about creating, dreaming, realizing, and doing? I, myself, dislike selling anything. I was never a good fundraiser. I never will be. But I can understand wanting to realize dreams. I try to help for this reason. I know I’m not doing enough. But I can try for as long as this goes.

REDNECK NINJAS: It’s Rurally Powerful, Kung Fu Cool!

So, readers, friends, if you can spare $1 or more, because this is a dreamer’s dream, an artist’s passion, please do so! Thank you! Love to you all! I’ll expand on this idea again!